A comparison of the private and public conscience in hawthornes the scarlet letter

Ironically, she begins to believe that the scarlet A allows her to sense sinful and immoral feelings in other people. The Scarlet Letter shows his attitude toward these Puritans of Boston in his portrayal of characters, his plot, and the themes of his story.

In reality, he is Roger Prynne, the husband whom Hester fears meeting face to face. In short, Hawthorne invited his readers to examine the idea of the Fortunate Fall, the notion that because Adam sinned and Christ came to redeem man and make possible eternal life in paradise, mankind can realize a greater happiness than if the Garden of Eden had remained man's home.

What a trustful guardian of secret matters fire is! The stocks were a form of public indictment — and, therefore, deterrent — of bad behavior.

The Scarlet Letter

Her efforts to draw the Hawthorne siblings within her social and intellectual circle ultimately brought her semi-invalid sister, Sophia Amelia Peabody, and Hawthorne together.

A further connection to the past is his discussion of his ancestors. This minor revision of literary history might have two kinds of consequences. They can safely meet and discuss Chillingworth's identity and their plan of escape in the forest, haunt of the Black Man.

One version of the romance did see print several years after his death when his daughter Una, with the help and advice of English poet Robert Browning, edited Septimius: The House of the Seven Gables became a vehicle for his political views as it afforded him the opportunity to dramatize the moral of his romance: If Hester herself cannot assume autonomy in her lifetime, at least her daughter can.

The story of the Fall of Man!

CliffsNotes on Hawthorne's The scarlet letter

Chronicles of England a history of England by Holinshed, written in Because the servant is new in the community, he has not heard the story of the scarlet letter.

However, others perceived the letter to be a symbol for angel. Hawthorne, working now in an era beginning to favor realism and realistic novels, was out of step with contemporary literary tastes and could not adapt to them. As if to prove that Hester will be kept from the darkness by Pearl, Hawthorne adds the scene with Mistress Hibbins.

Instead, I'd like to try a different interpretive experiment, one that doesn't try to banish or "solve" that paradoxical gap between life and text but sets out to understand it in historical context. As Hester looks out over the crowd, she notices a small, misshapen man and recognizes him as her long-lost husband, who has been presumed lost at sea.

It is, at last, from the curious dual career of this emotionally vulnerable figure-its capacity to function as both a lover and a figurative professional identity-that I will compose my "solution" to the puzzle I have proposed.

Hawthorne and Whitman: A Comparison

Rather than attempt to make friends with them, she pelts them with stones and violent words. He now mistrusts everyone; turns from the embrace of his wife, though he fathers a large family; and goes to his grave without a "hopeful verse upon his tomb-stone. According to Puritans, a merciful God had sent His son, Jesus Christ, to earth to die for the sins of man, but only a few would be saved.

Insubstantial as she appears to be, Priscilla has strength and strives to be Hollingsworth's redeemer. Her wealth, or her reputed possession of it, makes her a target, for, through her, he might gain the means whereby he can realize his dream of reforming criminals.This is, of course, clearest in The Scarlet Letter, in which Hester not only keeps alive and at last momentarily expresses a glorious erotic life, but in doing so exemplifies what it might mean to locate a life at once subversive of and engaged with one's community.

The scarlet letter is mainly about the "A" letter word, "adultery", how the sin of both Hester and Dimmesdale affects their life and the life of all the characters. The short story "the minister's black veil', is about the minister Reverend Hooper and sins. The same air of regret is exhaled from Hester by the scarlet letter like a ventilation grate; the scarlet letter, despite the ignominy and shame it causes, acts as a form of releasing the sin's pain.

The scarlet letter is external and releases, rather than holds, pain. Dec 12,  · The letter “A” or the Scarlet Letter directly stands for adultery, which is committed by the main character, Hester, and the priest, Mr. Dimmesdale. The letter “A” though has a deeper meaning than just adultery because it is a symbol of sin and embarrassment, or at least is meant too.

The Scarlet Letter: The Public Side versus the Private Side of Character Words Feb 2nd, 2 Pages However, there are times when the private side overshadows the public persona and escapes. The original papers, together with the scarlet letter itself,—a most curious relic,—are still in my possession, and shall be freely exhibited to whomsoever, induced by the great interest of the narrative, may desire a sight of them.

A comparison of the private and public conscience in hawthornes the scarlet letter
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