A discussion on gattos views on being a good student

Who, then, is to blame? Maturity has by now been banished from nearly every aspect of our lives. Clearly, the configuration of the room itself can limit your options, as can class size.

What questions proved most fruitful and why? Either way, make sure your students understand the issue, the problems connected with it and any unfamiliar vocabulary they may encounter.

In the end, teachers have to choose which goal is more important. But we are dead wrong.


Challenge your kids with plenty of solitude so that they can learn to enjoy their own company, to conduct inner dialogues. If David Farragut could take command of a captured British warship as a preteen, if Thomas Edison could publish a broadsheet at the age of twelve, if Ben Franklin could apprentice himself to a printer at the same age then put himself through a course of study that would choke a Yale senior todaythere's no telling what your own kids could do.

Though you may feel queasy at the idea of teaching some topics, use the following strategies to make it a teaching triumph rather than a classroom catastrophe. As in "your permanent record. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below.

Certainly not to be trusted. What if they are the way they are, so expensively flying in the face of common sense and long experience in how children learn things, not because they are doing something wrong but because they are doing something right?

Of course, teachers are themselves products of the same twelve-year compulsory school programs that so thoroughly bore their students, and as school personnel they are trapped inside structures even more rigid than those imposed upon the children.


Synthesizing the discussion is a critical step for linking the discussion to the original learning objectives and demonstrating progress towards meeting those objectives. School has done a pretty good job of turning our children into addicts, but it has done a spectacular job of turning our children into children.

Second, what discussion format s will you use? Go back to the discussion questions you provided at the beginning of the unit and allow students to express any changes in their opinions or share things that they have learned.

So what did you take that to mean, Lin? It is helpful to tell students up front how you think the skills they gain from participating in discussion will help them in academic and future pursuits. In these examples, the teacher assumes responsibility for not understanding.

Effective Classroom Discussions

If you are teaching adultsyou may be surprised at the experience your students may already have with a given issue. The teacher's ongoing evaluative responses limit thoughtful examination of important ideas, stressing "answers" rather than allowing students to dig for deeper meanings.

What topic was it and how did it go? That is its aim in the United States. How would Plato criticize a contemporary American university? Another possibility is to videotape the discussion and analyze it after the fact; this can be helpful because instructors facilitating a discussion are busy juggling many things at once time management, the flow of ideas, group dynamicsand often cannot assess the discussion as a whole.

Yeah, that's what I mean, and I think it's a shame. Nonetheless, I am suggesting that we give students time to think. The societal system implied by these rules will require an elite group of caretakers.

Determine goals based on an assessment of what material students already understand and the areas that they need to explore.A well-planned discussion can encourage and stimulate student learning and add variety to your class. While “good” discussions can be a powerful tool for encouraging student learning, successful discussions rarely happen spontaneously.

In discussions, you can share thoughts and ideas about class materials. In Blackboard Learn, course members can have the thoughtful discussions that take place in the traditional classroom, but with the advantages of asynchronous communication.

Beyond explaining the relevance of discussion in general, it is a good idea to point out the relevance of particular discussions vis-à-vis contemporary social issues, your students’ future plans, etc. * John Taylor Gatto is a former New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year and the author, most recently, of The Underground History of American Education.

He was a participant in the Harper's Magazine forum "School on a Hill," which appeared in the September issue. Feb 20,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Students can be intimidated to support a point of view in conflict with their teacher’s. If you wait until students have already had the opportunity to discuss their opinions, you remove the intimidation that comes with disagreeing with the teacher.

A discussion on gattos views on being a good student
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