An analysis of one reason which some theists especially christians will offer for thinking that the

They are entitled to do so. May 6, at 4: Do the gods demand what is good and moral because those things are inherently good and moralor does their desire for them, make them good and moral regardless of their own nature?

When we need proper evidence, science can very often provide it — as long as the topic is testable. He sacrificed His own Son who also willingly died for us to restore that relationship.

Thinking Christian

May 6, at 5: It would not be unusual to find them saying that this question eclipses all other questions which humanity might ask.

Along with this, an essential part of secular humanism is a continually adapting search for truth, primarily through science and philosophy.

Thinking Christian

Ultimately, what better basis could there be? According to research, adherents of all the major world religions who attended religious services in the past week got higher rates of generosity such as donating money, volunteering, and helping a stranger than do their coreligionists who did not attend services non-attenders.

Meanwhile, a new generation of postmodern atheists highlight the limits of human knowledge, and see scientific knowledge as hugely limited, problematic even, especially when it comes to existential and ethical questions.

The nature of this conversation is evidence of that fact. Thus, he wrote, preferences for one moral standard over another become as inherently indefensible and arbitrary as preferring a certain flavor of food over another or choosing to drive on a certain side of a road.

You are examining this text as a literary work and calling it a work of nonfiction. Psychologists show that belief in science increases in the face of stress and existential anxietyjust as religious beliefs intensify for theists in these situations.

It was written to show them that God had revealed himself in a new way, and that this way was consistent with but superior to his prior revelation. Secular humanism Secular humanism focuses on the way human beings can lead happy and functional lives. When it comes to reasoning about metaphysics or philosophy in general, I find theists better informed and their reasoning generally better.

Clearly, the idea that being atheist is down to rationality alone is starting to look distinctly irrational. No, not every god would qualify. Rather, the humanist life stance emphasizes the unique responsibility facing humanity and the ethical consequences of human decisions.

The hijackings on September 11, make it very clear that this overlap can be dangerous. Human ingenuity rests on a lot more than rational thinking.

Religion and Science

Go ahead and investigate them, if you want.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 50 Great Myths About Atheism at Read honest and unbiased some theists also have felt anger towards their deities Myth 6 - Atheism is a Rebellion Against God's Authority (i.e.

some Christians and Muslims) will find at least some of the cartoons offensive (or perhaps. Some atheists say that Christians are unreasonable for accepting non-empirical, non-scientific evidences in favor of our beliefs.

I have faith that one day you shall come to see reason. But then again, I don’t know that to be true. Your friend, VOR. Can you give me some good reason to think that wouldn’t produce valid knowledge? I.


Get Ready for the “Day of Reason” [sic],” or “Religion: Because thinking is hard.” No one cheered him on for insulting atheists. So if you see this blog as acting in a manner parallel to the Reason Rally, you’re not just wrong, you’re obviously wrong. If that is the goal in some cases, most theists should be comfortable.

Secular morality is the aspect of philosophy that deals with morality outside of religious traditions. "Some theists say that ethics cannot do without religion because the very meaning of 'good' is nothing other than 'what God approves'.

and that Christians have condoned slavery of some form or description throughout most of. Some parents take the view that their children should choose their beliefs for themselves, but what they then do is pass on certain ways of thinking about religion, like the idea that religion is.

Secular morality

One reason which some theists,especially Christians will offer for thinking that the existence of their god is important is that belief in a god is good for, or even necessary for, social order and moral behavior.

An analysis of one reason which some theists especially christians will offer for thinking that the
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