An analysis of the circumstances of authorship of the ontological argument

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We hope to make this clear to the reader as the following chapters unfold. Quine's criterion as he understood it avoids this problem by focusing on the formal relation of logical entailment between sentences, a relation that is well understood.

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Saint Anselm of Canterbury

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The defining secular political aim is to keep religion from disturbing or significantly determining public life.

It seems, then, that the problem of extrinsic properties—and, more generally, the problem of capturing implicit ontological commitment—provides a genuine counterexample to quantifier accounts of ontological commitment. That would undermine the quantifier criterion, to be sure; it would reverse the Quinean order of things, requiring that names, not bound variables, be the primary locus of reference.

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The charge of ontological bias against Quinean criteria is simply shifted: If the goal is to find an adequate test for ontological commitment, entailment accounts fall short.

It is important to note at the start that Quine's criterion is descriptive; it should not be confused with the prescriptive account of ontological commitment that is part of his general method of ontology. Sweet Swan of Avon! The Survival of Manuscripts Oxfordians find it suspicious that the original manuscripts of Shakespeare's plays have not survived.

Thirdly, though perhaps more implicit than explicit, is the conviction that there is a crucial distinction between the philosophical presuppositions which undergird biblical scholarship on the one hand, and the legitimate use of modern tools and techniques on the other.

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That is why even though we may have divergent opinions about the issue based on the evidence, it is not a matter to argue in terms of belief or non-belief in the authority of Scripture.

To say that a given existential quantification presupposes objects of a given kind is to say simply that the open sentence which follows the quantifier is true of some objects of that kind and none not of that kind.

The resulting criteria would not be endorsed by Quine. There followed two mathematically dull years. I would contend that this is not a matter of faith but a matter of investigation.

One cause of such contentiousness is the increasingly apparent fact that the particular conclusions generated by the historical-critical method often differ dramatically depending upon which set of broader philosophical presuppositions guide the practitioner in plying his craft.

Three will be mentioned here. For Quine, this question simply doesn't arise. Nor is there evidence that Newton ever attempted to compute the attraction of a sphere until summerwhen he was actually writing the Principia.

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Finding Parallels: Some Cautions and Criticisms, Part One

A Look at the Effects of Blind Faith About Life After Death. 1, words. 4 pages. An Introduction to the Ontological Argument on the Possible Existence of a Deity.

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Godelian Ontological Arguments (1996)


An analysis of the circumstances of authorship of the ontological argument
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