Corruption in kerala

As a district collector for Kottayam, a district in the state of Kerala, Mr. The Tata management promptly refuted that the company board removed by the CM was only a direction marker signboard to a particular estate of the company. Now, everybody has a union: CPI M does not have any reply to this question.

In Kerala press, there are many reports accusing Pinarayi Vijayan backing land sharks and real estate mafia in the state. In past months, Vijayan has also seen some success in his efforts to bring peace to Kannur district, where a string of murders of cadre from both the Communist Party of India Marxist and the BJP and Sangh Parivar has proved to be one of his greatest challenges.

However, the chief minister reiterated there was nothing wrong in sanctioning the new breweries and distillery, and accused the Opposition of trying to create a "smokescreen" and tarnish the image of the government over the issue.

Let alone the voters, the acquittal has not cut much ice within the party with the Marxist patriarch VS Achuthananthan making it clear that he does not approve of Vijayan. But then he relies on the same corrupt political machinery for survival. Police face most flak Among the various government departments, the Kerala Police have drawn the most criticism in the past year.

It is not our case that communist parties can be immune to corruption; corruption that pervades society can well seep into the party as well.

Corruption charges against Kerala minister from ruling front member

VM Sudheeran, the spotlessly clean Congress leader is to a great extent responsible for blowing up the bar bribery scandal. On the other hand, VS. So when the students went to join the deemed universities with the Demand Draft for the fees as displayed by their respective websites, they were harassed for extra lakhs than what they had displayed in the official websites some of which have been removed now after the students started bring it up.

Achuthanandan, the Chief Minister, is trying to maintain high moral grounds by demolishing all encroachments in Munnar while at the same time he is signing the Smart City deal, albeit with some amendments, that he opposed when he was in the opposition.

To cut corruption, Kerala logs on to e-Market

He claimed that out of total acres recovered in his presence, only 60 acres were identified as forest land while the rest were under the control irrespective of legal ownership of the Tatas. Instead, the DME, even though it is the counseling authority and is responsible for displaying such vital information, has directed the students to learn the details of PG seats available from the respective Private medical colleges and deemed universities website and has absolved itself of its responsibility.

The CENTAC office in Pondicherry, in collusion with the deemed universities and private medical colleges there, did not announce the fees structure of the deemed universities there, just like DME here and instead directed the students to check with the universities.

Yet, it has always fought allegations of selling all that it has: May be, it is our fault to expect something else from a party that owns a property worth of crores in a single state, equivalent to that of any bourgeois party!

Kerala: Nepotism, corruption in sanction accorded to breweries, distillery

The three accused directed to face trial too had approached the apex court, asking why they were not treated on par with Vijayan and two co-accused discharged in the case. The Vigilance director instructed that notices should be sent to all concerned enforcement agencies based on observations of the Vigilance.

While this reform is encouraging, the new tax code was supposed to be implemented inbut it has already been pushed back towhich means India will continue to lose sizable amounts of revenue for at least another year.

But, this action itself cannot remedy the larger malaise of degeneration. The Marxist tradition of organising groups of workers into trade unions helped people bargain collectively.


This should not be surprising to an astute observer, because many of the deemed universities and medical colleges in Pondicherry which engaged in horse trading and corruption in Pondicherry counseling also have medical colleges in Tamil Nadu also, like Vinayaka Mission Hospital, of Vinayaka Mission University, Sathya Sai Medical College of Sri Balaji Vidhyapeeth university etc.

Despite its best intentions, MGNREGA faces the challenges of corrupt officials reportedly pocketing money on behalf of fake rural employees, poor quality of the programme infrastructure, and unintended destructive effect[ clarification needed ] on poverty. Corruption “The Evil Phoenix” Subramanian Alias Vijay Pillay Stevens Institute of Technology Corruption “The Evil Phoenix” Corruption, a never heard fairy tale for some and a day to day life for others.

It is a severe epidemic disease tough to Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau held one day Workshop and Seminar on Vigilance Awareness at Symphony Hall.

Kerala launches mobile apps to fight corruption

The function Inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Kerala tops among Indian states in human development, mass literacy, economic parity, women empowerment, harmony between religions, progressive and liberal mindset of people, least in corruption › Home › Maps.

· A corruption scandal is rocking the CPI(M) in Kerala. The CPI(M)’s Malayalam organ Deshabhimani has accepted two crores of rupees out of total crores, popularly known as “bonds”, from a lottery tycoon, S Martin who is accused of illegal operations and faces criminal /August/  · Demonetisation necessary to crack down on corruption: US spokesperson.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government`s action to demonetise high value currency was "an important and necessary step" to crack down on "corruption and tax dodging," State  · The Director General of Vigilance and Anti- Corruption Bureau, thereafter, approached the Attorney General of India as well as the Solicitor General of India seeking legal advice in the matter.

Having responded negatively in giving the legal advice, ultimately, the Director of Vigilance obtained legal advice from two designated Senior Advocates

Corruption in kerala
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