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By convention, if a government loses the confidence of the House of Commons it must either resign or a General Election is held.


Consequently, there was not enough for the Senate to do, and Augustus never went so far as to restore genuinely free elections or the organs of popular government. Parliament is split into two houses: Military crises—barbarian invasions, civil warsor war between competing polities—recurred, necessitating the strengthening of government.

Access to compartmented information[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. In short, during the period of its prime Athens was free to make what experiments it liked in the realm of government, and to that period are owed not just the first example of successful democracy in world history but also the first investigations in political thought.

The NSA uses the polygraph early in the clearance process[ citation needed ] while the CIA uses it at the end, which may suggest divergent opinions on the proper use of the polygraph. The destruction of certain types of classified documents requires burning, shreddingpulping or pulverizing using approved procedures and must be witnessed and logged.

In many respects, the city of Sparta actually was an encamped army. We have also never allowed any government direct access to Apple servers.

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Within this publication is a list of the types of qualified organizations that can receive deductible contributions. Nevertheless, from time to time experiments were made, for no monarchy had the resources to rule all its subjects directly.

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Classified classifications[ edit ] Executive Orderwhich forms the legal basis for the U. It is not surprising that what impressed the world most about the city was its military strength rather than its political institutions, even though the two were intimately related.

By the 1st century bce, Rome, having become a naval power as well as a military one, had conquered the whole Mediterranean basin and much of its hinterland. Later still, they imposed Christianity as the sole legitimate and official religion of the empire, and they exploited the power and prestige of the church to buttress their own authority.

This entails establishing communication channels, data storage, and work locations SCIF— Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilitywhich are physically and logically separated not only from the unclassified world, but from general Department of Defense classified channels as well.

In September J. Primitive government Agricultural society So long as humans were few, there was hardly any government. Although it was a fact of the Greek world that geography deterred the rise of an empire to federate and control all the cities, a few nevertheless rose to imperial greatness.

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The monarch takes little direct part in governing the country, and remains neutral in political affairs. Those cities engaged in profitable trade across the sea, as their Phoenician predecessors had done. Apple will give prior notice to users whose data is sought by a law enforcement agency or other governmental entity, except where prohibited by law.

There were even long periods of peace, when the barbarian threat was negligible. Ministers of the Crown are responsible to the House in which they sit; they make statements in that House and take questions from members of that House.

The combination of ships and walls enabled Athens long to defy and nearly to defeat Sparta, its chief rival among the Greek cities. Chieftainsif any, had strictly limited powers; some tribes did without chieftains altogether. It was this reality that led Aristotle who himself came from just such a small commonwealth, Stageira to define humans as political animals.

A great majority of classified documents are created by derivative classification. The demands of the imperial administration began to bankrupt the cities, which had previously prospered as the local organs of government under Rome.N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA Call or Submit Feedback.

The Clark Library combines our map collection, government information center, and spatial and numeric data services. It is a rich and unique resource, where students and scholars from every discipline--as well as those working across disciplines--can find the materials, tools, and expertise to meet.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.

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As a senior citizen, you may qualify for assistance programs that can help with health care costs, nutrition, increase access to community volunteer activities and offer employment opportunities, among other benefits. Road Trip New Jersey. Rev up for a fall road trip, using New Jersey's eight Scenic Byways as your guide. - Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.

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Government and information
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