Lions and the masia tribe essay

Maasai Diet Traditionally, the Maasai diet consisted of meat, milk, and blood from cattle.

The Maasai Cultural Breakdown Paper

The Maasai who live near crop farmers have engaged in cultivation as their primary mode of subsistence. Maasai Clothing Red is a favored colour among the Maasai.

It could kill their cattle resulting in no milk or blood for their sustenance. The Maasai culture has always been one of oral tradition in which stories and teachings have been passed down through the generations by word of mouth and not by written words Samovar, Porterp.

They depend on the skins for shoes and other tribal wear. Common complaints are about shakedowns for cash or overcharging for jewelry. Unlike many other tribes in Kenya, the Maasai are semi-nomadic and pastoral: The Inkajijik Maasai word for a house are either loaf-shaped or circular, and are constructed by women.

The Maasai are mostly monotheistic in outlook, but many have become Christian under the influence of missionaries. Engai Narok is seen through the thunder and the rains. As soon as the children are born, the Maasai people will begin to tell them stories, so the knowledge will start to grow. A man who has plenty of one but not the other is considered to be poor.

While the other god, Engai Nonyokie, is for lightning. With these two treaties, the Maasai lost about two-thirds of their lands and were relocated to less fertile parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Nevertheless, killing a lion gives one great value and celebrity status in the community.

It is a large park reserve in south-western Kenya, which is effectively the northern continuation of the Serengeti National Park game reserve in Tanzania. The laibon or spiritual leader acts as the liaison between the Maasai and God, named Enkai or Engai, as well as the source of Maasai herblore.

The older the women get, the more jewelry they will wear, and the "higher respected" they will be.


Maasai work as camp and hotel guards, as well as safari trackers. In the past, the Maasai and the wildlife simply lived together, in balance. The memories and the stories are used Musiara Swamp Excellent game-watching location to see lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe.

This involves most boys between 12 and 25, who have reached puberty and are not part of the previous age- set. Eluai Plain Unique About it 1. Game includes elephant, black rhino, buffalo, plains zebra, hartebeest and big cats.

Kuku Group Ranch, where the camp is located, has square miles of land and is occupied by only a few thousand Maasai. This bead work plays an essential part in the ornamentation of their body.

Masai Mara

Jewelry, specifically, is most important.Also, the Maasai tribe is not a cattle-eating culture, but rather use the cattle for many other things. They use it to show the wealth of a tribe; they also use it to provide milk to the tribe. In order for the culture to survive, they will mix the goat milk with the cattle's blood.4/4(1).

Maasai Culture

The Maasai were the dominating tribe at beginning of 20th century. They are one of the very few tribes who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore. In common with the wildlife with which they co-exist, the Maasai need a lot of land.

The Masia are allowed to live anywhere outside of the city as long as they maintain their pastoral lifestyle. The Masai population has increased to more than 40, people, and now they can hardly survive on their cattle because the lions kill the cattle. However, the lion population has increased more than the Masai population/5(8).

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Culture Of The Maasai Tribe Of Kenya And Tanzania Words | 5 Pages. This paper will discuss in great detail the culture of the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania, along with comparing and contrasting an American coming of age ritual to the rituals of the Maasai tribe.

Feb 26,  · Human vs Lion, African tribe/ Maasai men steals Lion's food without a fight Researchers from the Institute of Environmental Sciences found in that people were stealing meat from lions .

Lions and the masia tribe essay
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