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When I speak for myself, I am constructing a possible self, a way to be in the world, and am offering that, whether I intend to or not, to others, as one possible way to be. It is important to note that in a bureaucracy simple tasks can only be accomplished as part of a departmental routine.

The Organizational Development model sees effective organizations as reflecting the consensus and commitment of its members. Over the past 10 years, our colleagues have worked with Pratham to test different iterations of their Single sex classrooms essay example programs in different settings: Often the possibility of dialogue is left unexplored or inadequately pursued by more privileged persons.

For example, in many situations when a woman speaks the presumption is against her; when a man speaks he is usually taken seriously unless his speech patterns mark him as socially inferior by dominant standards. Not only because it helps strengthen the distinction between stakeholders and powerholders.

We can use the discretionary unit to compare and contrast the notions of stakeholder and powerholder in an organization. In the absence of sufficient comparative cases to enable statistical treatment of the causal links, items of evidence in support and against a particular causal link are assembled and used to compute the Bayesian likelihood ratio of the link.

If an information campaign causes teenage girls dramatically to lower their perception of HIV risk associated with unprotected sex in general, but does not change their perception of relative risk, it is possible that the program could lead teenage girls to increase the amount of unprotected sex they have with both younger and older men.

Now, sometimes I think this is the proper response to the problem of speaking for others, depending on who is making it. Such a reductionist theory might, for example, reduce evaluation to a political assessment of the speaker's location where that location is seen as an insurmountable essence that fixes one, as if one's feet are superglued to a spot on the sidewalk.

Such a narrator cannot know more about other characters than what their actions reveal. In an effort to ensure that a program or policy makes sense locally, researchers such as Lant Pritchett and Justin Sandefur argue that policy makers should mainly rely on whatever evidence is available locally, even if it is not of very good quality.

But, for reasons we look at in the next chapter, organizations develop policies to coordinate the actions of the different individuals in them. How is it manifested as art, cinema, theater, or literature? Simply put, the discursive context is a political arena.

In the case of Anne Cameron, if the effects of her books are truly disempowering for Native women, they are counterproductive to Cameron's own stated intentions, and she should indeed "move over. The speaker's location is one of the elements which converge to produce meaning and thus to determine epistemic validity.

A third of its 36 teachers have been here for 25 years. For getting certain things done, bigger may not do it better. Spivak's arguments show that a simple solution can not be found in for the oppressed or less privileged being able to speak for themselves, since their speech will not necessarily be either liberatory or reflective of their "true interests", if such exist.

However, a partial loss of control does not entail a complete loss of accountability. Narrative is an alternative form of explanation to that associated with natural science.


The "ritual of speaking" as defined above in which an utterance is located always bears on meaning and truth such that there is no possibility of rendering positionality, location, or context irrelevant to content.

Theory simplifies the world to help us make and test predictions about behavior and about which policies are likely to be effective and where they are likely to be effective.

The Generalizability Framework At J-PAL we adopt a generalizability framework for integrating different types of evidence, including results from the increasing number of randomized evaluations of social programs, to help make evidencebased policy decisions.

Gazzola said Catholic organizations are glad to have it. In all of those cases—it was a sad story—they were driven out or shut down by principals and teachers and parents. With limited resources and evaluation expertise, we cannot rigorously test every policy in every country in the world.

A follow-up evaluation tested the idea of helping teachers provide instruction more tailored to the needs of students by grouping them by initial learning levels; it found that learning improved for students in all groups.

Thus, the attempt to avoid the problematic of speaking for by retreating into an individualist realm is based on an illusion, well supported in the individualist ideology of the West, that a self is not constituted by multiple intersecting discourses but consists in a unified whole capable of autonomy from others.

Organizations function best with complex and routine ones. Feminist scholarship has a liberatory agenda which almost requires that women scholars speak on behalf of other women, and yet the dangers of speaking across differences of race, culture, sexuality, and power are becoming increasingly clear to all.

As Gayatri Spivak likes to say, the invention of the telephone by a European upper class male in no way preempts its being put to the use of an anti-imperialist revolution.

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It is monocratic, programmed at the top, and executes directives unquestioningly. Some theorists of narratology have attempted to isolate the quality or set of properties that distinguishes narrative from non-narrative writings: When I acknowledge that the listener's social location will affect the meaning of my words, I can more effectively generate the meaning I intend.

In other words, the claim that I can speak only for myself assumes the autonomous conception of the self in Classical Liberal theory--that I am unconnected to others in my authentic self or that I can achieve an autonomy from others given certain conditions.

However, while there is much theoretical and practical work to be done to develop such alternatives, the practice of speaking for others remains the best option in some existing situations.

She agrees that an absolute prohibition of speaking for would undermine political effectiveness, and therefore says that she will avoid speaking for others only within her lesbian feminist community.

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The Many Benefits of Single-Sex Classrooms Essay - The teacher tossed a Styrofoam basketball to the outstretched arms of a fifth grade boy. Argumentative Essay Single sex schools are schools solely meant for females only or males only.

High school math classes should be organized as single-sex classrooms because females perform better in this subject when in single sex classrooms leading to a stronger education system and less bias in the workplace.

Single sex classrooms essay example
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